The Benefits of Selling Advocare

Advocare is a leading fitness and wellness brand presenting top-notch energy, weight-loss and nutrition products together with a satisfying business prospect. The list of products that Advocare offers is quite extensive and needless to say, that they are all effective and useful products. One of its more famous products includes the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. This product has been very well received by customers all over the world. It is one of the premium weight loss programs available today.

Brief Overview of the 24 Day Challenge

Advocare products are mainly aimed to enhancing your fitness and wellness. The 24 Day Challenge by Advocare is also one such product that fulfills this objective. This product is a meticulous program that is intended for weight loss, higher energy levels, nutrition and supplementation along with body composition. The products used during the challenge are designed to cleanse your body of toxins using an Herbal Cleanse, Advocare Catalyst, and OmegaPlex. It also helps in weight management and overall body composition through MNS Max, Meal Replacement Shakes and another dose of Advocare Spark.

Why Choose Advocare?

Not only does Advocare provide you with the means to stay fit and healthy, but it also provides with a rewarding business prospect that is both interesting and beneficial to you. By selling Advocare and becoming a distributor, you can earn some extra income all the while availing the benefits of the Advocare products. By becoming a distributor, you will become a part of the 300,000 plus large Advocare distributors’ family. The very fact that Advocare has over 300,000 distributors is the proof that the business opportunity offered by them is a very successful one. Another reason is the Advocare DebtBuster system through which you can satisfy your creditors and become debt free.

How to become a Distributor?

All you need to do in order to become an Advocare distributor is spend $79 and in return receive an Advocare products sample worth $50 and a Distributors Kit. This Distributor Kit will contain all the details that you need to know in order to sell the Advocare products. Once you become an Advocare distributor you get a 20% discount on all Advocare products. This discount can extend to 40% over time. After you become an Advocare distributor, you will get your own website along with receiving exclusive offers, incentives and programs that will be beneficial to you.

Awards Received by Advocare

The success of the Advocare business plan can be evidenced by the awards received by Advocare. Advocare was awarded the Education for Life award from the Direct Selling Association in 2002. Advocare also received the Direct Selling Association Innovation award in June 2008. Thus, there is no doubt that selling Advocare is a successful and effective means of earning extra income along with increasing your overall wellness and health.

Therefore, it is no surprise that advocare reviews is one of the most popular brands as far as weight loss and weight management is concerned. But, it is also a company, which provides you with an exciting business opportunity.